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The Zigler company

The ZIGLER company was launched in 2005, completing large volume objects and construction works in industrial, utility and housing constructions. From the very beginning the company aimed at providing services of a GENERAL CONTRACTOR for both institutional and individual investors.


We gathered our experience as GENERAL CONTRACTORS in large construction projects, we lead the completion of many investments, coordinating works of tens of companies and hundreds of workers, at the same time caring for quality and timely delivery, and the due course of investment process. Work in the biggest and most renown companies allowed OUR ENGINEERS to gather practical knowledge and skills, learning the newest technologies and trends in the construction industry. We wish to pass on our experience during the construction projects we lead.

In our times lack of experienced engineering supervision, choice of unqualified crews is an everlasting problem affecting not just the individual Investors, frequently leading to errors, that are later very costly or even impossible to rectify. We wish to complete each construction by adding our passion, knowledge and experience to the process.